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Our Testimonials

What our patients think about us

'Dear Danielle, It’s about time I sent you a vote of thanks for helping me with my hearing. I can’t believe that it is over 4½ years since I got my hearing aids. The hearing aids that you recommended have been great and no-one realises that I’m wearing them unless I tell them. I wear them all the time; they have become a part of me. Special thanks to yourself and Suzanne. It is always a warm and friendly place to pop into for my check ups and/or replacement batteries. Good to see that the days of old fashioned service have not disappeared!'

Phylis from Noble Park

'I have been attending Able Hearing - Balaclava for over 6 years and have always found them to be caring and courteous. They have always taken care of my needs and helped me to get the best out of my hearing aids. I wear my new aids every day and I find them very comfortable and hardly visible to others. I am very happy to recommend Able Hearing to all my friends and family'.

Yevgeniy from St Kilda

Okay. I was a little deaf. I couldn’t hear women. (You may think that was a bonus except the women I couldn’t hear thought me rude and indignant.) My hearing was totally useless in a restaurant or pub. And I had finally started wearing head phones to watch the TV. A little deaf? Okay maybe a lot deaf.


I’d been to a couple of ear specialists with no results. Then my wife insisted it was time to see someone else about hearing aids. Dr Alex Gourainik from Able Hearing fitted the need. He was the first person who tested my hearing and then actually explained what was going on. He took his time and answered all my questions (in a loud clear voice). He then took me through all of the hearing aid options and provided me with a set of trial aids – fully programed to solve all my problems.


The transformation was instant and miraculous. I heard things I had forgotten existed. My daughters stopped yelling at me and the TV worked again. I couldn’t wait to get back to Alex for the real thing. When I did, he supplied them at a competitive price and with a bundle of hi tech wireless/bluetooth accessories thrown in.


I can’t thank or recommend Alex enough. He is a thorough professional who has truly changed my life, but don't listen to me. Go and hear it for yourself!

Graeme from Brighton

'Over the years I have tried numerous hearing aids and have seen many audiologists with mixed results. My life changed for the better once I started to attend Able Hearing. Dr Gouralnik is the best audiologist I’ve met by far. With the help of my new hearing aids I can comfortably converse with my friends and family. Thank you Alex for your care and expertise'.

Ian from Sandringham

'I recommend Able Hearing - Noble Park to anyone concerned with their hearing. I have been taking my Mother to see Danielle for the past few years and nothing is ever too much trouble. Their ongoing service is “A+”! Danielle is always helpful, friendly and caring. We always receive great service! Suzanne is also very kind and understanding and often tries to “go that extra mile”. It is wonderful to know that “help” is just a phone call away!'

Kaye from Springvale
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