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I think I have a hearing problem. What's next?

We are happy to offer you a choice of a Comprehensive Diagnostic Hearing Assessment or a FREE hearing check. Please tell us which is the most suitable for you?

I need hearing aids. How do I pick the right one?

Not all hearing aids are created equal. No set of hearing aids will suit every person with hearing loss. Your Able Hearing audiologist is the best person to give you unbiased advice about the best hearing instrument options in consultation with you, following a thorough diagnostic assessment of your hearing and an in depth discussion of your hearing needs.

Why Able Hearing?

We are a team of diagnostic and rehabilitative experts with extensive experience in clinical audiology. We are an independent hearing service provider. We believe that a thorough diagnostic process, honesty, integrity, in-depth knowledge old-fashioned service and great prices are the best recipe for establishing an ongoing relationship with our patients.

Our Testimonials

'Over the years I have tried numerous hearing aids and have seen many audiologists with mixed results. My life changed for the better once I started to attend Able Hearing. Alex is the best audiologist I’ve met by far. With the help of my new hearing aids I can comfortably converse with my friends and family. Thank you Alex for your care and expertise.”

Ian from Brighton

Contact Us

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How much do hearing aids cost?

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